How to get an adr transport London certificate?

How to get an adr transport London certificate? First, you need to sign up for an appropriate course – a list of companies authorized to conduct them can be found on the website of the Transport Technical Supervision. Once you have completed it and passed the test, you must submit a Driver A application form.

The organization of adr transport London and cargo transport (including ADR) requires very extensive knowledge from specialists in this field. The types of loads ordered by customers vary greatly. While organizing neutral loads on Euro pallets, preferably for an entire 13.6 m long truck, is not very difficult. However, creating a plan for the transport of e.g. dangerous goods (ADR transport) requires more extensive knowledge. Woz-Trans employees have this knowledge and will be happy to help customers avoid many difficulties that may arise during transport.

In 1957, the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) was signed. This declaration regulated many issues related to the transport of ADR goods, including the adr transport in London class and the safety rules for the transport of this type of goods. It is important that a new version of the contract is issued every two years. This is due to the fact that the chemical industry is constantly producing new dangerous goods. Therefore, the rules for their transport should be defined.
What are adr transport London dangerous goods?

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